The Feint

by DreamReel

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released October 14, 2013

These recordings would not have been possible without the help of many.

We would like to thank WHRW for their recording space and patience, and LateNite Binghamton and BUMP for the space to share our music with our friends. Thank you to everyone who lent an ear and a word to help us round out the tracks.

Mike: I would like to thank Sergei Antonoff, Ben Lovenheim, Hyperbole Caboose, the happy hour back home, Sunny Binghamton, Explo, all of the the names on the album, and all of the names and places in the songs. I would especially like to thank Mom, Dad, Eric, and the rest of my family for being incredibly close and supportive.

Ayelet: Thank you to Sarah Collins for the use of her electric violin in live performance, the members of Explorchestra for being some of the most hardcore fans (and for helping the band get together in the first place!), the members of the Zeta Eta Chapter of Mu Phi Epsilon for their inspiration and support, to Dan Weinstein for his understanding and encouragement throughout the recording process, and last but not least, to my family for bringing the joy of music into my life and continuously helping support and fund the resulting aftermath.

Alex: Thank you Mom, Dad, Dani, and Lyndsey.

Manar: I would like to extend my thanks to Maxim Pekarsky for being my best friend through light and dark times as well as offering feedback on our mixes, my family for their love and support over the years, Ethan Pauley for helping me record when I had no equipment in South Dakota, my fellow Newing RAs for coming to our shows and covering duties when I needed to be on stage, the local music scene at Binghamton which is full of simply the coolest and most fun people to perform alongside, and of course my bandmates for taking up this adventure with me to produce one of our greatest works ever.

Last but not least, we would like to thank Hussam Alharash, the Kershenbaum Family, Dylan Lainhart, Ben Lovenheim, James Mayr, Maxim Pekarsky, Daniel Romberger, Ignacio Meijas Soto, and Natalia Sun for their generous contributions to the production of this album.

Mikhail Shapiro – guitar, lead vocals, mandolin, harmonica
Ayelet Kershenbaum – fiddle, vocals
Manar Alherech – bass guitar, vocals
Alexander Berg – drums, egg shaker

Mixing and Mastering – Manar Alherech and Mikhail Shapiro

Cover art painted by Daniella Berg



all rights reserved


DreamReel Binghamton, New York

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Track Name: Paper Dolls
Now give me your hand in waiting I stand alone
As we sat along roads skipping stones while the radio played
What you thought was a raincloud honey’s just a change of the scenery.
Make me uneasy, tell me you’re leaving

You’re shell shocked from sunlight it seems and you don’t look in mirrors
Skinny as a ghost and your bones are only getting thinner
We used to shake hands with the future, we used to make use of it all, use of it all
But in passing we missed the moon and landed
Like a paper doll

I wish that I lived in Nebraska among the plains
I’d write on the backs of postcards so my parents know I’m ok
I don’t know where you find yourself now but I hope that you’ve changed
Because I sure as hell have and I’m worried we won’t find our train of focus again

Caught in a gimbal, the missed signal, I was not afraid
We drove through the city at night until we were stopped by the chains
At the end of the road we weren’t sure where to go so we could stall
You were drenched by the thought of it, wrinkled like a paper doll

Yeah Jackson Pollock painted your hair while you stood in the catacombs
While shadows danced against the wall so you could perceive
We waited for you to breathe and stood in shock, when you came out of there all alone
And I cried out you were skinny as a paper doll

I wish I could send a letter before the pony express
So that I couldn’t be sure you’d get it before a bandit
And all I remembered and all that I’d hope to address
Would lay in a puddle, wrinkled and abandoned
Like a paper doll

Hey when we’re alone,
Yeah the rain kept a-fallin,
The rain kept a-fallin, on my guitar
Give me your shoulder
The rain bore a hole in ya,
Danced in the storm like a paper doll
Like a paper doll
Like paper
Track Name: Roanoke
Hey when we’re older
Won’t you help me find my old light?
We were once told it would
Never cease to ignite
And it torched the halls that we learned to sleep in
Ripped the painting from the wall of our Eden
And then left us alone
Heavy hearts need a heavy home

Now I’m searching forests
For trees that lay on their sides scorched
Caught in the war
They were painted to look like a storm took them down
The levee broke and shattered to pieces
The only thing we could see were the leaves
Laying around
Never to be found

And if you see gold
In the dirt down in Roanoke then leave a letter
They’re searching too
Help them out, on their road, while we’re together

Honey you still carry
With you the embers of our house
The old pieces of paper
That just lay there, didn’t burn they just went out

Now I’m trying to sleep in a roman candle
Ready to blast off any second,
And I reckon
We’ll be alright
If we make it out
Track Name: We Still Smile
We still smile
When I see you once in a while
But it’s so hard to shake
All these failed first dates
But I hold on

I’ve strutted and walked
Over meaningless thoughts
But I think of before
When it all seemed so sure
And I hold on

We used to talk on the phone
You don’t call me no more
Back then we were so sure
You don’t call me no more

There’s a soft, soft, spot
Where your dart pierced my heart
And I feel so confused
Tired, worn out and used
But I hold on

I’ll feel down
From the world that drowns
See I’ve been left to fate
And the greatest escape
Is to hold on

I waste my time
Every moment I try
But not even the stars
Have your heavenly charms
And I hold on

Despite my heart
I should break apart
But I felt so awake
With your breath on my face
So I hold on
Track Name: Have Better Luck
Have better luck, have better luck on the
Highway on the run
Have better luck, have better luck on the
Highway with your thumb out
Just waiting for it to run out

Don’t forget, don’t forget how
We wrote our names with knives
Don’t forget, don’t forget how the tree trunks would never die
And we’ll never lose the lines on our faces

And you like to wear long sleeves in late July
If I could guess I’d probably know the reason
You keep your reasons inside
And I’ve heard the rumors California
Isn’t worth the while
But I won’t believe it

I don’t smoke cigarettes
But I get home on the ashtray tiles
I was a mess then
But I know I’ll straighten up in time
I’m waiting on a smile

You were right, You were right
I would always hold my breath
You were right
Maybe I was just like everyone else
But I have lines to prove it

I’m gonna run, I’m gonna run
Till I run out of the state
I’m gonna fight, I’m gonna fight
‘Til my fists have softened up
California fill me up
Track Name: Fingers Crossed
You read books about philosophy
So study all that's wrong in me
So it goes
I'm no measure of your sympathy
I hope that you don't disagree
I just don’t know

You were tangled in a knot of holes
Listen to the words you speak
So it goes
I was caught up in a mess of thought
Didn't see the face you wore
Now it shows

I'm tired of wasting luck
For it makes me feel unsure
But if I don't roll the die
I'll be back where I was before
And I, keep my fingers crossed in yours

Here I'm standing in a rainy day
Won't you carry on
Rain, hold me like a lover's arms
Show your sympathy
Please don't wait for me

We think back on what our life'd be like
Staying up all night
On the phone
Sharing stories of our innocence
Before all of this
We were alone

Love like windmills on an open field
Dancing gracefully in a row
Then I came upon the countryside
They were Lucifer
And so I struck them down

I remember that we used to go
To our memories
During times like now
We were clueless shoeless and out of touch
Out of luck and I'd had enough
And so I struck it down
Track Name: The Feint
Hey, you’re coming on wrong, again
By moving on

And you want me to think that the tongue in your cheek is a gambler
Taking chances on the color of the light
From the whites of his eyes as he forces you to answer
Where you think you’re going to stay the night
And you’ve always had a sense of inhibition
Resting quiet on your shoulder blade
But you could never stand to hear the whispers
Because of the promises you made

And you go, without your armor
‘Til you’ve shown up wrecked and bruised
Don’t you know you were once a farmer?
On a hill in peasant’s shoes

Yea all in a flash you’re lined up to smile for cameras
Takes you a while to write up a smile for me
By shaking hands you were breaking bridges faster
Than the eye would ever care to take into its stare to see

And you go, without your armor
‘Til you’ve shown up wrecked and bruised
Don’t you know you were once a farmer?
On a hill in peasant’s shoes

And I wonder if
She still looks down at the shoes I got her last Christmas and wonders if I still miss her
I’d kiss her right now if she asked forgiveness
And I wonder if
The men she speaks about so suddenly are thinking about times in her life that she was given to the other side of living

But hey how come you’re here they say
How come your clothes are faded now?
How strange your change of plans must sound

And I wonder if
She gives in she gives in she gives in she gives in to autumn
Or is that forgotten

Would you throw me a bone? I’m standing alone the alley
Wet behind the ears and on the fence
Your fingerprints still linger from when you grabbed me
And my mirror only your face, reflects

Only your face reflects
Track Name: False Addictions
All the kids are going blind
I say I’m lost so that you can find me
A place where we’ll never slow down
Everything seems so uncertain
I give you my word I’ll learn it
All, I’ll learn it all
But memory’s a cheater’s game
An empty canvas in a frame
That you may fill with whatever you desire
There comes again that drafty sound
That cracks and whistles underground
And makes me drop my balance on the wire

I see your reflection through the mirror
How did my eyes get so thin?
I ask myself in the past
I tried so hard to travel inwards
Love was somewhere in the distance
Past the cars and faded photographs

I can’t stand the ruins I hold to
When I asked and I was told to
Try again just not then.
“We can move away” I said
I told her as night began
And my father found out that the car was gone

And your face lit up like lightning
Between the headlights and the sky
I couldn’t get it right then
I had wasted, I couldn’t raise my eyes

I had cased myself in amber
With other girls I just pretended
I said all the things that they would want
When the morning came
I couldn’t stand it
Birds became dueling bandits
Bullets would whistle through the cracks

I remember sitting sober
On the front porch telling my best friend
A lie of what could never be
You were born just one year later
Things don’t seem to carry that much
Weight back when nobody could see

I’m given to false addiction
I close my eyes and paint a picture
Turns out I’m strung on my senses
Turn me on I’m getting restless
Track Name: When You Were Around
Hey your breath leaves a cloud
On the window of my car
Do you remember how loud
The thunder caved in
From the back of your mouth

And you took me away
From the galloping herd
You left without a word
But said what you could
From the edge of the world
On the back of your mouth

Now I’m catching the train
The way I should have some three years ago

Give me something to blame
Because I can’t stand, the way I could
When you were around

And now you’re giving me hope
Better give me a rope
I’ll know what to do
You said you had to leave
Well you’d better go now
Before you show what you mean

Your face rides on the hills
Coming through the glass outside
You want me to sit still
But my body aches from the thought that I’d try
To forget my mistakes

Traffic is like a parade
Rolling along as a quiet drum plays
Taking you back to your house
After letting me know you won’t take me back
To the edge of the world
Track Name: Jangly Fingers
How do I know
If your head’s on your shoulders
I’ll stay a while longer
To prove that we’re older today
Than we were
When we met, you’re a girl
And you’re set in your ways

Pretend for a moment
You knew about anger
You gave up your innocent laugh
For a time
Then we could recall
The price of that gamble
The threads of last summer
The reel that unwinds into dreams

While you’re out I’ll grab my bags
Have you ever been in this house?
Have you ever been in this house before?

When you were young you were stranger to no one
You could only hold on to those that were new
And you found, with your charms, that the heaven that holds
You sounded the alarm; there was something to give into

Catch my breath
Place it on your windowsill
Hang it to dry on the high wire
Be seventeen, again for a moment
We’re both getting better, at being alone for a time
Track Name: Where the River Meets the Flood
Now if you go travel downstream
Where the river meets the flood
It used to be, you could walk along the waterbank
Sink your toes into the mud

It hasn’t been this way for a while, girl
Yeah we tried, girl, we did all we could
The fire’s on the other side girl,
The only thing we ever had in this world

Now if you, call me a rich man
Take it back ‘cause I’m no fool
You! You’re the reason that the fire’s gone
You’re the one who made me choose

Well baby, I know we both have a lot to say
And our lives to lead and our souls to free and there’s got to be a better way
And now tell me if I’m wrong, and I’ll take you to the waterbank
Where the river meets the flood

It hasn’t been this way for a while, girl
Yeah we tried, girl, we did all we could
The fire’s on the other side girl,
It’s all we ever had in this world